Rapid Wash Fully Automated Waste Container Cleaning Truck
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Dumpster Cleaning Truck
A Rapid Wash system for every application
For 2014 Rapid-Wash offers four standard models to choose from. Each is manufactured under the strictest quality control standards and purposefully designed to deliver years of reliable, profitable service. Most importantly: our systems are ecologically responsible.

The units will efficiently clean 60 to 120 carts per hour, or up to 15 dumpsters per hour with our rear loaders. High pressure bi-rotational heads blast away dirt and debris leaving waste containers fresh and clean. 

Our unique water circulation method reclaims virtually all of the water used in the cleaning process. Our patented multi-stage filtration system allows for several hundred wash cycles per tankful of water. And, we have designed our systems to be ergonomically friendly. Our goal is total safety.

Operation and maintenance are designed to be simple. Operators require minimal training and can achieve high efficiency from the start. Of course we provide complete training and ongoing support.

Rapid Wash performs all design and manufacturing in house and can accommodate requests for custom modification and special application. Just ask! We are totally committed to producing the finest waste container cleaning systems available. 
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Waste Cart Cleaning Truck
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Waste Bin Cleaning Truck
Fully Automated, 1 Spray Head 
Semi-Automated, 2 Spray Head

Semi-Automated, 2 Spray Head 
Fully Automated 1 Spray Head
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Rapid Wash
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Rapid Wash Waste Container Cleaning Systems
The Stationary
Semi Automated Custom
The Stationary
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Proudly designed and assembled in the USA!
Model 300 
Model 300 Stationary
Model RW SA3R-HD
Model RW SA3R HD
Model RW TR Mobile Unit
Model RW TR Mobile Unit