Rapid Wash
 The Stationary
Rapid-Wash waste container cleaning systems set the standard for economical and reliable cleaning of residential and commercial garbage cans, trash carts and dumpsters. Our waste cart cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and encourage the responsible recycling of solid waste materials.

Designed for the rigors of commercial use, our waste container cleaning units deliver years of trouble free service and a solid return on your investment. 

The heart of our system is our patened multi-stage filter that continuously cleans the water as it recirculates through the system. The result is the capability to clean hundreds of waste carts per day on a single tankful of water. And, 100% of the water used is recaptured. This allows complete reclamation or the responsible disposal of the used water. 

​Dirty garbage containers are a breeding ground for bacteria, rodents and pests, and noxious odors. By periodically cleaning garbage carts and dumpsters we have a positive impact on our environment. It has been proven that recycling program effectiveness is in direct correlation to how pleasant the recycling experience is. By keeping the waste containers clean, we promote active participation in recycling by everyone.
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Rapid Wash Waste Container Cleaning Systems
Rapid Wash Waste Container Cleaning Systems
Proudly designed and assembled in the USA!
Rapid Wash Fully Automated Waste Container Cleaning Truck
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Dumpster Cleaning Truck
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Waste Cart Cleaning Truck
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Waste Bin Cleaning Truck
Fully Automated, 1 Spray Head 
Semi-Automated, 3 Spray Head
Semi-Automated, 2 Spray Head

Semi-Automated, 2 Spray Head 
Patent Applied For
Model 300 Stationary
Model SA3R HD
 TR Mobile Unit