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New Product Launch Set for APWA Congress - Chicago, August 25 - 28, 2013 - Booth 1013

Chicago - 08/13: Rapid-Wash Group, announced today that it will unveil its newest product, The Stationary, at the American Public Works Association Congress to be held August 25th thru 28th at Chicago's McCormick Place.

The Stationary is a fully self contained, automated, trash bin cleaning system capable of cleaning waste carts from 32 to 96 gallons. It cleans the interior of the cart by way of an advanced high-pressure rotating spray head. The exterior is cleaned by way of high-pressure rotating nozzles that revolve around the container. All water used during cleaning process is recaptured and can be recycled through an optional holding tank equipped with Rapid-Wash's patented filtration system. The continuously filtered water can be used to clean hundreds of carts.

The unit is designed to be operated using fresh or gray water. Cycle time is 14 seconds per container with an average wash time of 25 seconds. 

The impetus for designing and building The Stationary stems from requests from existing customers who operate Rapid-Wash mobile waste cart cleaning trucks. The Stationary takes the proposition of cleaning waste carts on site from 'A man and a pressure washer' to an automated process where productivity can be closely predicted and controlled. This is the only system available that recaptures all of the contaminated waste water. It is environmental folly to clean garbage cans and then allow the waste water to simply spill indiscriminately.

The Stationary complements Rapid-Wash's existing line of residential and commercial waste container cleaning trucks sharing much of the technology. Rapid Wash trucks are in use throughout North America and several other countries including China and Australia. Rapid Wash products are designed and manufactured exclusively in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Recology of San Francisco takes delivery of Rapid Wash Waste Cart Cleaning Truck

San Francisco : Recology, one of the nation's largest waste haulers and a leader in recycling of organic solid waste, took delivery of a Rapid Wash Semi-Automated, two spray head, side loading waste container cleaning truck. The unit, built to Recology's specification, features dual Bayne tippers and an 850 gallon water tank mounted on a dual steer equipped Freightliner chassis.  

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City of Santa Monica, California Orders Two  Rapid Wash Systems

Santa Monica : The City of Santa Monica has taken possession of and is currently operating for two Rapid Wash Systems: They purchased one RW-SA3R-HD Truck Mounted System installed on a Ford F-60 CNG Powered Chassis and one Model #300 Stationary Unit.

The RW-SA3-R HD is our largest and most versatile mobile unit. It is capable of simultaneously cleaning two 45 - 96 gallon residential style carts or a single commercial dumpster to 6 yards in size. This unit utilizes our exclusive on board water filtration system which recycles the wash water eliminating the time wasting need to empty and refill reservoir tanks as with equipment using a clean & dirty tank system. In addition to this feature making this unit one of the most productive wash trucks available it also allows for any cleaning or sanitizing agents to be added directly to the wash water. This significantly reduces their consumption in comparison with applying these agents directly to the containers.

The Rapid-Wash Model #300 Stationary unit was specially designed for the City of Santa Monica. It has the capability of washing 45 - 96 gallon residential style carts nd 300 gallon round commercial containers. This unit also utilizes our exclusive water filtration systems makin it a highly productive nd economical piece of equipment to operate.

Patricia Smith, President of Rapid-Wash Group, Ltd. commented that "We welcome the challenge of being asked to meet the unique container washing requrements of our clients. Before acquiring this unit from us their Public Works Dept. had no practical means of washing these large containers and we were very happy to be able to resolve this issue for them."
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Waste Cart Cleaning Truck
San Diego International Airport calls on Rapid-Wash Group, Ltd. to resolve their Concessionary Waste Container & Floor Mat Cleaning needs.

San Diego International Airport: purchased and recently took delivery of three stationary wash units. Two of the Rapid-Wash Model #500 & one of the Model #400 Stationary units were custom designed and built to help meet the San Diego Health Department requirements for cleaning the waste containers and floor mats used at the San Diego International Airport.

The Rapid-Wash Model #500 is a compact and highly efficient unit capable of washing the Slim Jim 23 Gallon rectangular bins, the Orbis 12 Gallon square composting totes and other similar sized and shaped waste containers. This unit is fully automated simultaneously washing the interior and exterior of the waste containers. In addition most style floor mats up to 5' in length by 3' in width can be washed with this equipment.

The Rapid-Wash Model #400 is a larger unit equipped with a complete commercial grade hydraulic power system. Just like the Model #500 this unit washes both the interior and exterior of the containers. It is capable of washing the Slim Jim 23 Gallon rectangular bins, the Orbis 12 Gallon square composting totes and other similar sized and shaped waste containers. However, with the addition of the Hydraulic Power System these units can also lift, invert and wash the large one cubic yard push carts used to pickup waste from collection bins throughout the airport. This unit has also been designed to wash floor mats but with the extra interior room it can easily accommodate most styles up to 10' in length by 3' in width.

Rapid-Wash stated that they will add these two custom designed models to their standard stationary unit line up making them readily available to other facilities that have a need to wash both concessionary style waste containers and floor mats.