Choosing the Proper Waste Bin Cleaning System
Cart with grab bar
Cart without grab bar
Which type of bin lifting system is best?
If the carts you want to clean have a built in grab bar, like the cart furthest left, you can use either a fully automated "gripper" style lifter as found on our RW-FA1-S model OR a semi-automated "tipper" style lifter as found on the rest of our models.

If the carts you want to clean do not have the built in grab bar, like the cart to the right, you can only use the fully automated "gripper" style lift system.

Due to the design and operating parameters of the "gripper" system, it is available as a single spray head, side loading model only.

Side Load, Rear Load, Fully Automated?
Rapid Wash Semi-Automated Garbage Can Cleaning Truck
Side Loading
Rear Loading
The basic difference between a rear loading and side loading unit is where the carts are attached for cleaning. So why choose one over the other?

Side loading units work well in suburban or rural areas where streets tend to be wider. This configuration saves steps for the operator when the vehicle is equipped with dual steering - which we recommend. There is an added safety factor in that the operator remains on the curbside at all times, away from traffic. 

Rear loading units are well suited for urban areas where trash collection often takes place in narrow streets or alleyways. The truck not only fits through the available passage but also allows both sides of the street to be worked at once. This can greatly improve productivity. Rear loading units can be fitted with up to 3 spray heads which allows up to 3 carts to be cleaned simultaneously. Our Heavy-Duty rear loader can also be equipped to clean dumpsters up to 6 yards.

Our fully automated system offers the advantage of the operator seldom having to exit the cab. An on-board camera system lets the driver see a wide view so most carts can be captured and cleaned while the operator is seated. This is a great benefit in inclement weather. The fully automated system is available only as a single spray head, side loading configuration.
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Side Load Automated
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